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Welcome to Shrewd Learning Online
Welcome to Shrewd Learning Online

Shrewd Learning Introduction

Shrewd Learning Services include:

🗣 Shrewd Chat

Similar to an online forum. Shrewd Chat services provide general discussion about any topics that interest you.

🤔 Shrewd Concerns

Closely related to Shrewd Chat. But more focused. Shrewd Concerns services provide collaboration to resolve specific issues.

📚 Shrewd Facts

Shrewd Facts services provide free access to many scientific studies. With explanations and reviews where needed.

☊☋ Shrewd Maps

For learning projects that cover several topics. Shrewd Maps services provide visual organization of your facts, notes, and resources.

📒 Shrewd Notes

Personalize any web page to make it more meaningful to you. Shrewd Notes services allow you to:

  • Adapt Shrewd Learning Templates
  • Record your progress
  • Share your experiences and concerns with other people. Including your Shrewd Coach

🦉 Shrewd Resources

Shrewd Resources include many free and premium learning resources. Including spreadsheets, PDFs, learning templates, coaching, and personal support.

You can type your question or concern into Shrewdies Search Engine. Or browse the Shrewd Learning Blog.