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I’m looking for people to write for my Online Business Guide. Here is how to write for Shrewdies. For those in a hurry – Shrewdies Writers TL;DR.

It’s easy to be a Shrewdies author. Simply, post in my Web Hosting Forum. But, what will you write about?

Other than respecting other forum users, there are no rules in the forum. You can write as a website owner, business manager, webmaster, support technician, etc. Please share your questions, experiences and opinions. We are interested in all aspects of running an online business.

Sharing Online Business Media

The best stories are illustrated with great photographs. Perhaps you have a video or audio to share. To get started:

  1. Write your online business story as a new topic in the forum.
  2. Click on that topic to display it in your browser.
  3. Click the Internet Help button, click the link to Attach Files, and include a description of your files in your message.
  4. Wait for me to add include your files in your story

If you are a frequent forum user, ask about an upgrade. I can change your forum privileges to let you post your own media files. You can ask in the forum, or via my Internet Help button. If you have any problems with this, please raise a new Internet Support ticket.

Writing for Shrewdies: Authors

Going beyond the forum, I especially want original articles about online business. I will ask good forum contributors if they want to become Authors. Article topics are up to you, but we are specially looking for:

  • Reviews of WordPress plugins, themes, and websites.
  • Online business tips and strategies
  • Step-by-step website implementation guides
  • Webmaster problems and solutions

If you have an original online business article, that you will grant exclusive use for, please submit it now. The easiest way to submit your article is the Internet Help button. Send your article as a message and attach any relevant media files. I will format your article to my standards. If this alters content, I will seek your permission before publication. I publish your articles under your byline, with up to three promotional links for you. I will cover your promotional links in a separate article. Pending that explanation, please ask about your article promotions in my forum.

Do you prefer to write your own articles? If so, ask for Shrewdies Author status. I need your articles to follow some basic rules. I am compiling a complete standards guide for publishing online business articles on Shrewdies. My basic quality guidelines are:

Article Titles

Must be focused on a keyword that is related to online business.

Article Description

Opening paragraph must describe keyword topic and intended audience. Be as creative as possible to attract interest, without being formulaic. If you are posting a series of articles, you can structure your articles in a simple template to give common identity. Your introduction should include a call to action link for fast-trackers.

Main article format is up to you. Make it clear how your topic relates to online business. Long articles should be structured with appropriate, keyword focused. H2 and H3 tags. You can use other Heading tags, Lists (Ordered, Unordered, and Definition), or any other HTML to structure your article in attractive ways.

Your closing paragraph should be a call to action, such as:

  • Join the web hosting forum
  • Read a Shrewdies online business guideline
  • Subscribe to Shrewdies updates services

Article Media

I’m working on detailed media guidelines and branding for Shrewdies. Minimum requirements are:

  • Appropriate file sizes. PDFs, spreadsheets, etc for downloading can be any size. Photos and other images should be resized to match existing Shrewdies images (usually 670 width).
  • Meaningful filenames. myPhoto1.jpg is meaningless. Use filenames that are topic related.
  • Friendly titles. Good filenames make obvious titles. If your filenames do not make a great headline, include a title in your media description.
  • Useful descriptions. Describe what your photo, video, or other media is about.

Writing for Shrewdies: Editors

Do you want to work with me, publishing websites? If so, get in touch with me about becoming a Shrewdies Editor. You might join one of my existing projects. Or, I could help you promote your website within my organization. Or, we might start a new joint venture.

If you want help to create a successful online business, writing for Shrewdies is a great place to start. From forum contributor to Shrewdies Editor. You can earn as you learn, at your own pace.

Shrewdies Writers Summary

Start an Online Business by Writing for Shrewdies
Start writing for Shrewdies as an online business
Write in my Web Hosting Forum now.
Submit your article using the Internet Help button, or Internet Helpdesk.
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