Block WordPress Exploits from USA

These IP addresses have tried to exploit WordPress websites from USA.

They are currently blocked from all websites protected by Shrewdies WordPress Exploit Blocking Service.

I am preparing notes about my database of WordPress Exploit Blocking. As those notes explain, the bad IP addresses in the table below are a threat to all websites, not just WordPress sites. For more information, pending my explanatory notes, please see my contact page: Contact Keith Taylor. You can also contact me via that page if you believe you have been wrongly included in this list.

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IP Address IP Location ASN Abuse address Abuse reported Date/Time Exploit Username Email Notes United States Atlanta Micfo Llc AS53889 MICFO – Micfo, LLC [email protected] 26 Dec 2014 December 17, 2014
10:47 pm (UTC -8)
Forum spam reply Mindy [email protected]

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