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WordPress Security

These guidelines collect the best plugins and services that help WordPress security.

Keeping WordPress free from spammers and hackers is vital to running a successful business. A hacked site means lost revenue. WordPress spam deters your best visitors. WordPress vulnerabilities make you worry about where the next insecurities will come from.

Fortunately, there are many tools at your disposal to help you make your WordPress website more secure.

In this section, I describe:

  • WordPress Security Plugins to help block unwanted visitors at source
  • How to identify and block WordPress vulnerabilities and exploits
  • Plugins and services to block WordPress Spam
  • Hardening WordPress for increased peace-of-mind
  • Controlling WordPress permissions and ownership
  • My WordPress Login Access Control database

I’m going to start with my WordPress Login Access Control database. This database records spamming and hacking attempts from many countries. I also describe how I block these exploiters, how you can block them, along with various free and paid services that help you restrict access from bad IP addresses. Please note that, whilst I develop my techniques to protect WordPress websites, the bad IP address database can help you protect any website.

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