wordpress.com with a commercial bias

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wordpress.com with a commercial bias is my rant against the commercial arm of WordPress that is only commercial for Automattic.

If I weren’t such a lover of WordPress, I’d call it a scam.

wordpress.com invites you in with a friendly greeting. The lure of extra paid services is appealing. Surely these guys understand online business? From the off, you are told that your content is yours, to do as you wish with. You’re welcomed in on the free plan.

Nicely, wordpress.com pre-sales blurb emphasizes your freedom to write what you like. You have the freedom to go free of charge. For extra features choose to pay $100s or $1,000s for your website. There’s an obvious commercial edge. It’s clearly more than a hobby site, and wordpress.com emphasizes this by referencing global brands including CNN, Time, and TechCrunch. It looks like the ideal starting place for the budding online business owner.

It isn’t.

wordpress.com is a money-making opportunity for Automattic. You might make money there for yourself, but it will not be easy.

As I develop my own truly commercial alternative to wordpress.com, I will explain why mine is better. I will compare every point in the process of creating a website. I’ll compare every feature, benefit, and cost. I’ll show you how wordpress.com makes money for it’s owners, whilst Shrewdies makes money for you.

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wordpress.com or Shrewdies WordPress.org – It Matters!
If you’re tempted to start an online business at wordpress.com, please don’t. At least, don’t do it without discussing it in my forum first. If you must, start with a hobby site that you can afford to lose. You’ll see how easy it is to create a website with WordPress. You won’t see how hard it is to run an online business at wordpress.com, until it’s too late. At best, you’ll create success for wordpress.com. At worst, you’ll waste hours of work, with no benefits to you.

What do you think about wordpress.com with a commercial bias?
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