What can you see at 1000x magnification?

Housefly with 1000x Magnification

Highly magnified photographs are fascinating. But how do we describe what we see when images are 1,000 times bigger or more?

We have to be careful because many objects appear to change shape. Or we assign visual descriptions implying properties that objects don’t truly possess.

1000x Magnification Introduction

On a medical website I see many images from microscopes. Because scientists need to explain events in microscopic detail.

Unfortunately, I often see crystals referred to as “sharp”. But they only appear to be sharp when magnified 1,000 times. Otherwise, in real life, these crystals feel smooth and silky. This phenomenon is often referred to with highly magnified photos of soft sand. Because grains of sand also look sharp and spiky at high levels of magnification.

1000x Magnification Image

For my example, I wanted to find something magnified 1,000 times. Because that matched the magnification of the crystals I was describing. But I couldn’t find an appropriate magnified sand grains image.

However, I found fascinating photographs from Laura Fisher showing magnified houseflies and other everyday objects. So here is my image showing 1000x magnification with actual size.

Housefly with 1000x Magnification
Housefly with 1000x Magnification (click for details)

Your 1000x Magnification

I’d love to read your views about 1000x magnification. What do you use highly magnified photographs for? How do hi-res images help you?

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