Website Keyword Density Tool Service

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The Website Keyword Density Tool checks that site content matches your target markets.

It requires either a Detailed Market Strategy Plan or Organic Market Growth Starter (details coming soon). Like all tools in this category, you should have a Google Webmaster Tools account which can be self-managed or managed by Shrewdies.

Website Keyword Density Tool is a simple tool that you can easily use to monitor your website’s Content Keywords. The relative ranking of these keywords should match the relative priorities of your website Market Strategy.

The price shown is for one year. During that year Shrewdies will provide 12 monthly reports that list:

  • Structural keywords for deletion, together with a list of target pages
  • Under-used target keywords that require more content from you.

These reports are as described in Shrewdies Website Keyword Density Tool articles. As with most Shrewdies website support services, Keith Taylor encourages you to manage this task following those free articles. Help is available in the website support forum. This paid service is provided for those website owners prefer to devote their time to other aspects of managing their online business.

The Website Keyword Density Tool is recommended towards the end of the website Installation phase. It continues to be useful throughout the life of your website.

Price $100 per year (or $10 per month). Ordering facilities coming soon. Prior to completion of my online shopping features, please contact Keith Taylor to order this service, or to ask for more details.