Web Article Structure Example

Images are an important section of web article structure

This example of a web article structure is part of my “Introduction to WordPress Content Writing” course. So you will learn the key points about structuring articles within websites.

But for better understanding, you should complete the whole course. Because that puts this lesson in context. Then you know how to construct your WordPress articles with respect to your organization’s house style.

Web Article Sections

You’ve already seen 2 important sections of a web article (Title and Introduction). So this is the third. Because the full list is…

  1. Title
  2. Introduction
  3. Information Sections
    • and Subsections
  4. Summary of Key Points
  5. Featured Image
  6. Call To Action

Note that this is a template. Not a rule. Because your article might have more sections. Or fewer. But web articles always have sections. So start thinking about those 6 sections when you browse the Internet.

Avoid Long Sections

Make your article easier to read by breaking up large chunks of information into smaller subsections.

Also, remember that some articles might not need 6 sections. For example, a short announcement of a new event does not need a summary. But the actual event page article would benefit from extra sections about people, funding, achievements, history, etc.

Web Article Summary

You have learned that a standard basic web article:

  1. Has 6 Sections
  2. Plus Subsections
  3. But 6 is a starting point
Images are an important section of web article structure
Never forget the Image Section

Web Article Call To Action

What do people do after they have read this article?

Leave Web Article Structure Example to read Who and Why.