Tollar Virtual Currency image

Tollar Virtual Currency image

My Tollar Virtual Currency is my badge for myCRED. Currencies need trust, and the myCRED plugin for WordPress helps you encourage it. Get your currency now.

When I started using the WordPress Plugin for myCRED I decided I’d introduce my own virtual currency. I’ve since learned that the rewards system that myCRED empowers is more important than mere currency.

Nevertheless, I quite like my Tollar Virtual Currency, and the Tollar symbol. I styled it from a foreign symbol which I can’t recall at the moment. That’s not really the issue now.

Since writing about the myCRED plugin, I’ve used the myCred points system to dramatic effect on a more active website. It has proved that, like real world currencies, virtual currencies need trust.

I now use myCRED to measure user engagement. The more time that visitors commit to me, the more time that I will commit to them. It’s a great way to prioritize support requests. It takes a leap of faith to move away from charging dollars for service. However, I’ve proved to myself that myCRED is invaluable in creating a reward system that works with cash, but doesn’t need it.

I’ll write much more about this in future. If you want to know when, please subscribe to Shrewdies Update Service.

One thing that I have learned is that you have to sort out what you are doing with myCRED before you think about badges. BadgeOS seems a good system to encourage engagement. However, it only works if you and your visitors have faith in the myCRED points that BadgeOS should encourage. Please return to the article, and let me know what you think about myCRED badges.