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I’ve written about the importance of Google Webmaster Tools many times. It’s a vital tool for improving website traffic. But what do you do when you no longer need your website? How do you stop Google warning you that Googlebot can’t access your site? Let me explain how to unverify your Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) site.

Unverify your Google Webmaster Tools Site

When you abandon a website, you no longer need it cluttering your GWT list of websites. It is easy to remove it from the list. Select the Manage Sites dropdown on the right of your site name, and click Delete Site. Unfortunately, this is too easy.

What you should do first, is click Add or remove users, to access GWT Users and Site Owners admin. Then you can remove all users, including yourself. In most cases, you will be the site owner, in which case, hover your mouse over the disabled Owner Permission button. A box will popup with a link telling you: “To change or remove a site owner, please go to owner verification page.” When you click that link, you can Unverify your ownership of the obsolete website.
GWT Users and Site Owners Screenshot

Now, when you return to your GWT home page, your website will be included in the list of unverified sites at the end of the list. You can now delete it from your list, as above. But what do you do if you miss the unverification?

You will probably become aware of the problem with an email: “[Webmaster Tools] your-obsolete-site․com/: Googlebot can’t access your site”

That email contains a link: “You can see more details about these errors in Webmaster Tools.” But clicking the link takes you to an error:

Site not in account

You are verified to see your-obsolete-site․com, but it’s not in your account.

So, what can you do? You are getting error reports for a non-existent website, but you cannot access that site in GWT. After much searching, clicking, and testing, I finally found the answer. You need to use Webmaster Central – Verification Home.

On that page, you can unverify any sites you no longer need access to, including those already deleted from Google Webmaster Tools.

If you have a growing list of websites, and especially if you have shared GWT access to websites, today is a good day for checking site admins. An annual review keeps your stats safe and tidy.

What do you think of unverifying Google Webmaster Tools websites? Share your experiences, opinions, and questions in Shrewdies Make a Website Group, or Shrewdies Website Help Chatroom.

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