Start Your Online Business: Planning or Flying?

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Due to my background as an accountant, I find it impossible to start an online business without planning. Every fiber of my being tells me to plan my budget before running my actuals. As I write this, I’m slotting it into my business plan. I just can’t help it, but there is another way.

Planning Your Online Business Startup

Though I find that planning gives me impetus to achieve my goals, other people hate planning. It puts them off starting a project. I am fortunate to be in a place where someone who I’m working with seems to hate planning. This is a real opportunity to present two different approaches to starting an online business. You can choose the one that suits you.

For my planning project, I’m going to be working with PROSPRA. You can see the start of this in the comments below Start Information Marketing with Business Purpose. It’s no secret that PROSPRA is just Keith Taylor again with another hat on. If you want that planning project to be for your online business, then add your Business Purpose Statement in the comments.

For want of a better name, I’m going to call the planning-free method a flying project or flyer. A flying online business startup is where you get an idea and take a flyer on it’s success. It relies on determination and a strong will to succeed. It also suits projects where you know you must do something, but you cannot define what that something should be.

I have absolutely no idea where this flyer is going, but that is what makes it interesting and exciting. Let me finish by explaining what the flyer project is about, then I will create details in subsequent posts.

Flying Your Online Business Startup

You can see how the project started at Start Information Marketing with Business Purpose, and related articles. I was trying to enforce my methods on Phil Beck’s project, but I didn’t have the structure in place to demonstrate the complete process. I now realize it is far too much to ask someone to commit serious amounts of time, without a clear view of how the project will proceed.

Today, I was rewarded with Phil’s efforts at his new counseling site. This might be a blog for him to collect his thoughts prior to launching a separate site. It might become the website that he craves will create revenue for his mom. It doesn’t matter at this stage – it is a start for us to develop the best methods to achieve a goal, even if that goal remains to be quantified.

Next, I am going to respond to Phil’s pages by suggesting improvements that I think will help him get more clients faster. I will keep my suggestions as general as I can so that they will apply to many more websites.

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Do you Intend to Plan or Fly?

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How do you intend to start your online business?

You can see my intentions. I intend to plan one project, and fly with another. How would you start your online business? Sit and plan, or just take a flyer on success? Share your experiences, opinions, and questions in Shrewdies Make a Website Group, or Shrewdies Website Help Chatroom.

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