Shrewdies WP Engine Alternatives

I am introducing a range of WP Engine Alternatives.

I make this announcement now, as several articles are now out of date. I’m rushing to get the new information out. At this time, if you need a fast, secure, website in a hurry, then please contact Keith Taylor. Alternatively, you can click the orange Support button, or raise a ticket in my helpdesk.

This is a summary of the WP Engine issues that you have asked me about recently. I should point out that when I use the term WP Engine, it is the same service that is often called WPE or WPengine.

WP Engine & CloudFlare

I’ve used CloudFlare for many successful sites, and it is compatible with WP Engine. However, not all their tech support know about it, so my tips have made it clear how to get them working together. CloudFlare is great for WP Engine because it can substantially reduce your costs. Because of this, don’t expect the best use of CloudFlare with WP Engine, but please persevere and use it. CloudFlare helps all website owners. It is at the heart of my safe, secure, swift WP Engine alternatives. You get shrewd CloudFlare benefits, without the hassle.

WP Engine Alternatives

There are many aspects to providing a Managed WordPress website hosting service that is fast and secure. WP Engine focus on large sites with big budgets. I provide the same speed and safety to more modest budgets. My shared domain websites start at $4 per month or $40 per year. Sheltered sites start at $10 per month, or $100 per year. Shielded sites start at $20 per month, or $200 per year. I also offer custom managed WordPress hosting packages shaped to your exact requirements.

I am currently upgrading my clients to these services, and once that is finished, I will announce full price lists. Shrewdies Swift Secure Safe hosting plans are an easy, affordable option for managed WordPress hosting.

WP Engine Domains

In the past, I’ve helped online business owners tackle the complications of:

  • WP Engine Domain Redirect
  • WP Engine Domain Mapping
  • WP Engine & Adding Domains
  • WP Engine & Subdomains

All these features are much easier with my alternatives to WP Engine, mentioned above. You get easy, flexible subdomains and addons, including hassle-free preview options that make domain and server transfer much easier. If you are stuck with WP Engine domain problems, I can probably help you. Just contact me as described above.

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