Returning To Roots For Shrewdies 3D badge 300

Today, I’m returning Shrewdies to it’s roots.

The name was inspired by the “For Dummies” range of books. There’s no particular reason other than it’s easier to copy a successful brand! I tried developing Shrewdies websites before I knew how to evolve them properly. I decided to focus on web business and related topics. This was a mistake. It’s only now I realize to fix this, I have to return Shrewdies to it’s roots.

I’m expanding the scope of Shrewdies to cover facts on a wide range of subjects. Each subject will have it’s own learning services. There will be opportunities for contributors to publish Guides For Shrewdies.

All Guides For Shrewdies are free of charge. Personal training can be chargeable. Shrewdies Members can contribute to guides. They can do this collectively, or for profit. 3D badge 300

Another Reorganization For Shrewdies

This is a radical change. Over the next few months I will change all Shrewdies websites. I will reformat existing pages to suit the new learning scope. I will introduce new guides, training courses, and other learning courses. All Shrewdies Members can be involved with managing the organization, if they wish. This means that the existing forums will be replaced. You can register interest in Shrewdies membership via the orange Internet Help button.

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