Purpose of Shrewdies.com

Shrewdies.com Purpose

Shrewdies is changing from a web business site. Becoming a general learning website with solutions for people who are not dummies. So I’m starting the 2020 reorganization with this first draft of Shrewdies Purpose Statement. Which is based on an original from 2018[2].

Purpose of Shrewdies.com

The purpose of Shrewdies Learning Community is to provide a friendly online environment where people can learn without fear of belittlement and exploitation. Because many people are dissuaded from seeking answers when they fear feelings of ignorance. Also, many online resources exist merely for self-interests of website owners.

So this page explains why I created Shrewdies.org and what I intend it should give you.

Why Shrewdies.com?

I first became interested in online learning when I had a health problem that my doctor did not understand. So I started to research gout on the Internet. But I found many other health professionals had failed to keep up with medical developments. Also, this confusion allowed a plethora of misleading products to be marketed to confused sufferers.

As I developed my personal research, I published GoutPal which I subsequently expanded to encourage other patients to learn how to discuss health with their doctors. Along the way, I learned that nutrition is important to healthy living. Though this is also frequently misunderstood and manipulated. So I developed Foodary to expand the learning scope to cover wider issues of health and nutrition.

I learned to become discerning about sources of factual information. So, in many cases, I found answers that were simply a matter of asking questions of professionals instead of being fooled by self-serving websites. But I also found that some problems are more complicated than simple question and answer. So I developed PROSPRA, a 7-step method for problem-solving that allows me to help you find answers in logical ways.

Hence, I founded Shrewdies Learning Community so that we can collaborate on solving problems. In most cases, these are personal issues that people find difficult to talk about with experts. Because they don’t know what questions to ask and they don’t understand the advice they are given.

So the main purpose of Shrewdies.org is to encourage and support dialog between confused people and their professional advisors. Therefore this is not an advice center. But it enables people to act upon professional advice and encourages better communication.

Although online groups do not offer all of the potential benefits for community participation offered by real world communities, they offer some benefits particular to the electronic domain. Prior studies of online groups suggest that people often participate as a way to gain access to otherwise obscure or inaccessible information that is relevant to their work, hobbies, health, and other topics in which they are personally interested. This information benefit may come in the form of receiving answers to specific questions or general knowledge arising from exposure to group communications.[1].

The Shrewdies.com Purpose graphic introduces the new logo for Shrewdies which I will use around this website in the near future.

Your Shrewdies Learning Community

Because I learned how to find answers to difficult questions, I want to open my network to provide similar opportunities for you. Then, you can join my network to gain knowledge that helps you overcome personal issues. So, I will adapt my Life Purpose to your online problem-solving needs:

Who Am I?

Keith Taylor, your solution-finding friend.

What Do I Do?

Provide a forum-based learning community.

Who For?

Uninformed, misinformed, or confused people.

What do they Want?

Answers to questions. Especially where they have been misled by unsatisfactory solutions.

How do they Change?

They learn how to understand their personal situation and how they can benefit from targeted professional help.

In a nutshell, you use Shrewdies.com to learn which solutions are important in your situation. Then learn which resources you need to resolve your simple or complex problems.

So a good place to start is by telling me what solutions you are looking for today.

Shrewdies.com Purpose References

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