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Shrewdies online business directory lists all website products and services that are featured on Shrewdies.

This directory lets you browse by several important factors such as type of product and support level. It is an alternative to Find Web Business Facts as a way of finding relevant website products and support services.

To allow you to focus on what is relevant to you at your current stage of online business development, Shrewdies Directory allows you to filter by several important factors.

Online Business Directory Organization

You can filter Shrewdies Online Business Directory by these factors:

Business Steps Factors

Business Steps Factors help you select products and services from Shrewdies Online Business Directory that will suit your stage of business development. What business step are you on:

Services that help you plan what you intend to do before you launch your online business. Plan your online business with Shrewdies.
Services that provide a working website that is attracting visitors. Normally around 50-60 pages, depending on your situation. Start your online business with Shrewdies.
Services that improve existing targeted traffic, and help you define new targets. Grow your online business with Shrewdies.
Products and services that are not related to business steps.

Business Services Factors

Business Services Factors indicate the degree of involvement by Shrewdies. From arms length advice, to doing it for you. How much do you want to do yourself?

General business services advice. The heart of Shrewdies online business support. Free advice every step of the way.
Groups of tasks to help you with a particular aspect of running your online business. Examples include startup, rescue, repurpose, etc. Temporary, personal help with your website for as long as you need it.
Is admin preventing you from publishing and promoting your online business content? Use Shrewdies business management services to ease the burden. Ongoing personal help with your website by the month or the year.
Business services that link your content to the outside world. This includes non-domain services such as creating Facebook and Google+ pages and/or communities. Ideal for ongoing services or projects where it is unreasonable for you to be involved in day-to-day management.

Business Advice Factors

Business Advice Factors help you rate the quality of online business services.

  1.  Avoid   : Services that Shrewdies advises you to avoid.
  2.  Explain : Advice for services Shrewdies has used but cannot support.
  3.  Help    : Support and advice for services Shrewdies reviewed but not used.
  4.  Used    : Support and advice for services Shrewdies used in the past.
  5.  Using   : Support and advice for services Shrewdies is currently using.

Online Business Directory iconI am adding products and service to Shrewdies Online Business Directory on a daily basis. Please feel free to suggest other resources in the website support forum. In phase one of this project, I will provide directory lists for each factor. In the second phase I will provide a complete search and filter service for the entire directory.

If you are looking for a directory of online businesses, I will cover that separately soon.

What services would you like me to include in Shrewdies Online Business Directory? You can suggest specific services you have heard of. You can ask me to find services for a specific goal. You can ask for anything you like related to your website. Please join Shrewdies Online Business Directory discussion.