No Online Business Support from GoDaddy

I’ve been a fan of GoDaddy for several years, but now that they’ve withdrawn online business support, I’m going to have to move away from them.

I’ve always recommended GoDaddy in the past because they have been cheap and reliable. Their main downside has always been their determination to up-sell at every opportunity. Now, I don’t actually mind that because I know what all there extras are, I know I don’t want them, and I know how to find the quickest way to checkout without spending money on services I don’t need.

Because I keep my services to a minimum, I’ve never had much need for technical support, though when I’ve needed it, it has been fast and efficient. I can only recall one billing support query in the past, and again, that was dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Now, they have removed online support, in favor of telephone support.

I know that telephone support can be much more effective than emails in some circumstances, but for almost all of my business support requirements, I prefer email. Online, I can take time to gather my facts, and present my problem in the clearest way. I can review earlier responses to similar questions. I have a written record of what has been claimed by both sides in the event of a dispute.

Now that GoDaddy has withdrawn online support, my business is suffering. Today, the simplest of billing problems left me with extra costs for a 10 minute telephone call, and I still have not got the answer I need. I had to insist on the operator calling me back instead of her preference to put me on hold. I have my suspicions why GoDaddy might want to make these changes, but ultimately their reasons don’t matter.

Domain name registration is a commodity product, and there are plenty of other registrars who are competitive. I will be moving all my domains from GoDaddy this year. My first move is a UK domain, and I’ve decided to try a UK based company for this. I will try and I’ll let you know if they have the resources to support my UK online businesses effectively. For my worldwide online businesses, I intend to use Namecheap, who have an excellent reputation. In both cases, those are affiliate links for high-quality services, as I describe in Keith Taylor’s Advertising Policy.

I will keep you updated with the performance of both these companies, and their levels of online business support. If you want to get email notification of these updates, please subscribe to Shrewdies Update Service.