Shrewdies Make a Website Forum

Shrewdies website support forum is called Make a Website. It is where we discuss all aspects of making websites, from planning, through installation, to traffic growth.

Though I am a great fan of the WordPress forum plugin, bbPress, I have no plans to add a traditional forum at this time. I believe that my current forum is perfectly capable of providing you with essential website support. It also has the advantage of being part of the Google+ social network. This brings terrific benefits to your online business:

  • Good quality spam filters and verification process restricts time-wasters.
  • Access to large community for varied advice.
  • Access to relevant communities for business networking
  • Credibility tools for authors and publishers

The website support forum is ideal for asking questions, and for sharing ideas, opinions, and experiences. You add your contributions by starting a new topic, or by commenting on an existing topic. You can make contributions from your personal account, or your business page. Finally, you choose who you share your contribution with.

For the best results, make it public. As you can see from the screenshot, you can also share with specific people or groups:

Ask About Online Business Screenshot
Ask About Online Business

It’s a very easy process:

  1. Follow Shrewdies Website Support Forum. If you don’t have an account, a button will appear near the top of the page for you to create one.
  2. Click the Share button, and add your question, opinion, experience, or idea. Preferably include +Shrewdies or @Shrewdies in your text – if not, you can add me in step 3…
  3. Preferably keep it Public, and be sure to add Shrewdies to the People box.

By marking your contribution public, you may well attract great responses from people who are interested in the same topics as you. Key to that is keeping your contribution focused on a single topic. If you have many topics to discuss, create many separate discussions.

I also run a Facebook Page for Shrewdies. That’s OK for sharing, but not good for discussion. If you want answers, or meaningful feedback, Google+ wins over Facebook.

What do you think of Google+ as a forum replacement? Join the Make a Website discussion.