Internet Tips ‘n’ Tricks

Here is the first edition of my Internet Tips ‘n’ Tricks Collection. Because over the years, my Internet forum has had many different formats. But each version has produced a crop of helpful snippets and configurations that make life on the Internet easier.

I expect to split these tips into more focused collections over time. But for now you’re welcome to make use of any of them.

Internet Tips ‘n’ Tricks List

Embedding Google Drive images in HTML

TL;DR Find the id of your Google Drive image and use it in the img src tag:src="".

To find the id in Google Drive, if you share your image, you will get a link that looks like: Or, depending on how you find the sharing link: So, you can see the id that has to be added to my first code to look like:

Do you like this Google Drive Image Embed Code?

Email address with plus sign

This technique is also known as email address tagging. So it allows different emails to automatically go to a single email address. But it is not universally supported, so you need to test it completely in the situation you are trying to use it in.

The technique works by adding +addresstag to the name part of your email. So if your address is [email protected], you can also send email to [email protected], [email protected], etc.

Commonly, this is used to tag email addresses that you give to distinct individuals so that you can test if they are passing your email address onto 3rd parties. But it’s also useful for creating multiple accounts for different purposes on some services. For example, you might want to use a domain-based service for several domains. But still have all emails from that service in one email account. Please share how you use email address tagging in the forum.

Your Internet Tips ‘n’ Tricks

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