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Install WordPress

The Install WordPress guidelines show you how to configure WordPress to suit your online business plan. You generated your plan by following my How to start an Online Business guidelines. If you opted for the organic route to success, I will show you some basic WordPress configurations to suite most purposes.

The Install WordPress guidelines cover the period from completing your plan (or deciding to proceed unplanned), up to the point where you have 50-60 pages. Some of these are general housekeeping pages, such as privacy policy, etc. Others are basic introductory and framework pages that let visitors know what your online business is all about.

The 50-60 page cut-off point is deliberately vague. Prior to 50 pages, you do not have a website worth promoting. After 60 pages, you should have started to get some visitor traffic that will let you assess if you are going in the right direction. These are not absolute values, as your unique circumstances might dictate a slightly different range. The main point is that, until you have started to attract reasonable traffic, you cannot seek to improve that traffic in the next stage.

If you follow my guidelines, there should be no surprises. However, if you are looking at improving your website, the guidelines for installing WordPress will help you. You might think that you have installed WordPress properly, and you only need to promote your existing content to start reaping your expected business rewards. Truth is, if you have not attracted traffic from the 50+ pages you have already created, then you are not going to improve that much in the next phase.

Install WordPress

A complete WordPress Installation has the following phases:

Prepare for WordPress Installation

  • Select hosting company
  • Register domain name
  • Select A Working Installation Theme

Deploy WordPress

  • Install WordPress Code
  • Configure WordPress Settings
  • Install Selected Theme
  • Install Essential Plugins
  • Complete Deployment Checklist

Publish Website

  • Publish 50-60 Pages
  • Establish Feedback Facilities
  • Tweak Theme and Plugins

I assume you have already read the guidelines for the Intend phase of your web business. You will see that I am developing these guidelines organically. This means that you will have to wait for the guidelines to grow, but you can still get a great deal of help from the How to Install WordPress blog.

If that doesn’t provide all the information you need, please ask in the How to make a website forum.