Google Authorship: Simple but Shrewd

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Google Authorship is important. So important, I created a new website showing how Google Authorship is vital for online credibility.

I’ll leave the complications of Google Authorship, and explanations of why it is important, to my credibility website. The simple point is that better credibility for your online business means better profitability.

Simple Google Authorship

This simple method is suitable for simple websites. It does not apply to multiple author websites. For multiple authors, you have to link your Google Authorship markup via author pages, or manually add the code to each article when it is published. It is very easy to do that, but for this article, we are keeping it simple.

If you want Google to recognize you as the author, there are two simple steps:

  1. Add your website to your Google+ Personal Profile
  2. Add a Google+ Author link to all your pages

Public Google+ Contributor

In your Google+ Profile:

  1. Select About tab
  2. Click Edit at bottom of Links box
  3. Ensure Contributor to links are set Public
  4. Add custom link to your website in the Contributor to section
  5. Save (bottom of links form)

Your Website Google+ Author Link

Because this is a simple explanation, I’m going to assume that you have a simple theme that shows all widgets in the sidebar of every post and page. If you do not, then I will explain various ways to add Author mark-up code in different places in a separate article. If you are stuck, just ask in Shrewdies Website Support Forum.

In your WordPress Admin page:

  1. Select Appearance – Widgets
  2. Drag a Text Widget to your Sidebar
  3. Add a link to your Google+ profile *
  4. Save the Widget
  5. Check the code in Google Structured Data Testing Tool, which is accessible from your Google Webmaster Tools account (Other Resources)

* Your link is in the form: <a href="" title="Keith Taylor">Keith Taylor

You can use the Google+ numeric address if you do not have a Custom URL, or if you think you might change it in future. The title is optional. The link text can be anything, but it makes sense to use the form of your name you use most.

Shrewdies Google Authorship

Although a simple link is nice, let’s not forget that the most important part of credibility is getting a good number of people in your Google+ Circles. By linking with like-minded people on Google+, you can quickly develop an online network that supports your business.

By replacing the simple link I described above, with the Google+ badge code, you can encourage people to follow you personally. No harm will come if you have a badge and a text link, as long as at least one has the rel=author parameter.

To get a badge that fits your sidebar:

  1. If you do not know the width of your sidebar, use Chrome Browser to get the width. Simply right-click on the sidebar and select Inspect Element. Move up and down the code, and see a pop-up showing width x height for all elements
  2. In the Google+ Badge generator, select your personal Profile page and enter the width you want, together with any other formatting choices
  3. Copy the code to your widget described in the Simple Google Authorship routine above, or add a separate widget
  4. Retest using the Google Structured Data Testing Tool

To avoid potential theme problems, always test all the following:

  • Home Page
  • Single Post and Page
  • Tag and Category index pages
  • Attachment pages
  • Any other archive or custom page that is important to you

Good luck with this, and let me know if it helps you, or if you need help implementing it. I’d love to include you in my personal Google+ Circles, as well as Shrewdies Online Business Network.