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Social networking for business can be a significant time commitment, Here’s how to get Google+ working for you.

In Where are Online Business Models going?, I explained that, to promote your website content you need to become a social publisher. In that way your public profile grows, more people become aware of your content. They share your good stuff, and that attracts visitors to your website.

Since becoming aware of that, for my main website, I now own my niche on Google+. My health subject is not widely discussed on Google+, but when it is, I am involved in most cases. That has only happened because I listened to the people who understand how social networking becomes effective for online businesses:

successful network building means putting others first. You build friends by being a friend, and you build online business networks by being a useful resource.

But this isn’t about me. It’s not even about you. It’s about the network you want to build to get Google+ working for you.

The foundation for building networks is sharing. You share because you want to, but also expecting that some of those favors get returned. There are three ways to share on Google+: share content, share interest, or share mentions.

Share Content

Sharing other peoples content is a great way to make friends on Google+. It is very easy to share Google+ posts, as there is a big share button next to the +1 button at the end of every post. It is not much harder to share content from a website. Just go to Google+ Share, and paste the link where it says link.

It is best to add interesting comments, but you do not have to.

It is pitiful to beg for friends, so I will not ask you to share my content. At least not in public. You stand the best chance of getting your content shared if you make it Interesting and Useful. I work on the basis that, for every 100 shares I make, I will get 1 share in return. If you write better content, your ratio will be higher.

Share Interest

If you see an Interesting or Useful post, the Google+ code says you must +1 it (unwritten rule). Take that a step further, and add a Useful or Interesting comment. Your comment should add value to the original post.

You can also apply this to comments. Interesting or Useful comments must be +1’d. If someone asks a question in a comment, feel free to answer it, or endorse the question with your own similar question. Again, you must add value to the comment, but you must also respect the original poster. How would you react if the conversation was physical, in your group of friends? Be a friend to make a friend.

Share Mentions

Mentions are very important in Google+. In a physical conversation you can use eyes and touch to gain attention and make it clear who you are talking to. In Google+ conversation, hit the + button and select who you are talking to. Use mentions in posts and in comments whenever it makes sense to do so.
Your Network Works With You graphic

Enjoy getting Google+ to work for you

It should never be a chore to go out and try to make new friends. Just follow your heart, and acknowledge what is Useful or Interesting. When you find Useful or Interesting posts and comments, that is it’s own reward. When you have Useful, Interesting people and pages in your circles, time spent on Google+ becomes very enjoyable. You enjoy making content, and soon, your contacts start working for you.

Actually, your network is working with you when Google+ is working for you.

How do you build social networks to help your online business? Share your experiences, opinions, and questions in Shrewdies Make a Website Group, or Shrewdies Website Help Chatroom.

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