Freshdesk Alternative to WordPress Comments

Alternative WordPress Comments using Freshdesk media

As a webmaster do you love WordPress Comments? Or are you looking for an alternative?

Personally, I love them and hate them!

Because I love the simplicity of a built-in commenting system. That allows me to discuss ideas with readers. Then evolve new solutions to shared problems. All included in a standard WordPress installation. So no need for plugins or snippets or third party accounts. Nice and simple!

But I hate the spam. As rogue robots bombard my server slowing my sites. Then if one should slip through their comments upset regular visitors. Also, there are the human rogues who delight in vandalizing websites with their self-serving messages. So there’s no denying that WordPress comments are a target for all spammers. Who needs that hassle?

I guess that’s why you are looking for an alternative to WordPress Comments. Or maybe you came looking for an alternative to Freshdesk? Either way, I’m here to help.

Why do you need WordPress Comments?

There is no definitive view on the value to your website from including comments. Because it depends on what you want to achieve from your site. Also, on the resources that are available for monitoring and responding to comments.

In other words, that vital decision is beyond the scope of this article. Because the answer relies on data that requires many discussions between your finance and marketing departments. With relevant input from your webmaster regarding costs and capabilities of WordPress comments.

Freshdesk Benefits Vs WordPress Comments

  • No strain on website server. Especially if you invoke my serverless Freshdesk technique.
  • Massive reduction in spam management.
  • Easy, centralized spam control for the little that gets through.
  • Combined feedback monitoring for all websites.
  • Integration options with all other comment sources (Facebook, email, phones, etc).
  • Automated support through knowledge base, canned responses, and other professional help desk tools.
  • Allow user file upload (optional).
Which Alternative to WordPress Comments works for you?

Your Freshdesk Alternative to WordPress Comments

For more than one website, it’s a no-brainer. But even managing comments for a single site can be so much easier…

Replace individual site WordPress Comments with this Freshdesk alternative. Then you can handle feedback consistently without slowing down your sites. I’m developing hosting packages that include Freshdesk Support Optimization. So send me feedback below if you’re interested in that new service.

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WordPress Comments Alternatives Feedback

Shrewdies visitor responses include:

Freshdesk Alternative

Frank asked…

I see what you’re saying here. But I was looking for Freshdesk alternatives. Instead of alternatives to comments for my WordPress site. Because I tried the WordPress Freshdesk plugin and couldn’t get it working. Is there a Freshdesk alternative that works with WordPress?

Shrewdies Alternative to Freshdesk Response

My response to Frank included the following points:

  • I tried a few alternatives to Freshdesk before I committed. Including some good ones like Zoho. But I never kept any comparison notes. Anyway, I’ll have a look round and see if I can create a comparison article. Though a lot depends on the size of your organization and the level of integration you need with existing admin systems.
  • You’re right about the poor quality WordPress plugin(s) for Freshdesk. So I concentrated on creating procedures that simply work. Without relying on plugins. Again, this depends on how you need to integrate. But if you need help or examples just let me know. Because I could explain my WordPress-Freshdesk integration in more detail.
  • I’ll have a look around Shrewdies Library to see if there’s anything relevant.

Leave WordPress Comments Alternatives to read Learning For Shrewdies Not For Dummies.

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