Evolving Website Content

Best Potential Keywords chart

Evolving website content is a way to produce great websites naturally.
With a minimum of planning, you can start evolving your own web business today.

Whether starting from scratch, or reviving an existing web business, this is an easy way to enjoy creating websites that work.

Create Website Content

New Website Content

New website content arises naturally from running your online business. Create new posts from your own thoughts and experiences. The easiest way is to create a WordPress draft post as ideas occur to you. On my websites, you get an integrated helpdesk. This is another easy way to log ideas for new posts.

These spontaneous posts are the heart of evolving website content. Publish fresh, relevant content as often as you can. Other routines will ensure your new articles become the best they can be. Therefore, publish every day if you can, and never less than once a month. This new content is aimed at natural growth of topics that are relevant to your target market. Avoid keyword analysis for new content. You produce it to attract new interest. You can expand new content to service real audiences once you know what they are…

Expand Website Content

Google Search Console (GSC) gives you great keyword information about potential visitors and your real audience. This becomes more important once you’ve published 50 articles. However, I’ve had good value from Google Search Queries Analytics (GSQA) with as few as 10 indexed search pages.

The principle is to look for keywords in GSQA that have most potential. There are no general rules for this. Though, I have built models in the past that will apply various cut-off rules to produce a list of topics that need to be targeted. The principle is to identify keywords with high Position numbers. You then write around the best potential topics, linking expanded content with the pages that generated natural search results.

Best Potential Keywords chart
GSQA provides your Best Potential Keywords chart

I have several examples of different ways to identify and process extra website content. My article with more details on how to expand website content is coming soon. To get an email when I publish it, please subscribe to Shrewdies.com Updates Service.

Website Content Answers

The best source for new, natural web content comes from daily interaction with customers, visitors, and your wider audience. Each web business has it’s own unique mix of natural sources for new website topics. Website Content Answers can come from:

  • Forums, comments, and helpdesk
  • Social media such as Facebook pages and Twitter accounts
  • Normal human contact via phone, meetings, etc

Get into the habit of answering questions with new website content. You can then post, or email, a link to that new content to answer your business questions.

Improve Website Content

Better Page CTR

This needs to be put into context. Each month, we should know what we expect to increase PageViews by. Ideally, this should be site-by-site targets. But, percentage increase will do. Let’s say I want a 10,000 increase for the month. Some will come from other initiatives, so our target for improved website traffic from CTR improvements is 4,000. Our first question is: “Are current search results impressions high enough?”

Let’s say we can get a 1% improvement in CTR. That means current impressions need to be 400,000. In my site example, impressions were 478,049. So, better page CTR is feasible. I cover the mechanics of improving website traffic from better page CTR in a separate post about Google Search Page Analysis.

Better Goal Conversion

I use Google Analytics to track goal conversion. I cover the details of improving website traffic from better goal conversion in a separate post.

Better Rewards

It is important to evolve your website content to match changing market conditions. This applies to non-monetary rewards just as much as it does to making money online. As you grow, your online audience changes. Therefore, you need to cater for:

  • New products and services that you find
  • New products and services suggested by your customers and visitors

Quite often, the easiest way to identify better rewards is by reviewing your search results keywords. These give you new areas to create new website content, which I covered above. Besides these new rewards, you need to stay alert to better rewards for existing content. In practice, this depends on each website’s own set of circumstances. Routines include:

  • Reviewing content generation schemes
  • Reviewing advertising returns
  • Reviewing third party commissions

I cover better rewards in my Web Business Appreciation routines. As well as explaining how to manage these services, I also offer to manage your Web Business Appreciation routines as a service. Please use Shrewdies forum to ask about routines for better rewards that will work for your online business.

Website Content Administration

To keep your web business on the right track, you should allocate around 10% of your time to admin. If that bores you, let Shrewdies do it for you. As well as WordPress Security checks, you need the following content management routines:

GSC checks
Google Search Console checks include security and content check routines.
Expansion targets
Prepare expansion targets from Google Search Query Analysis.
CTR targets
Prepare Click Through Ratio targets from Google Search Page Analysis.
Review old content
To stop your website dying out like a woolly mammoth, review old content regularly. Update and republish, or delete and redirect. Keep it fresh and inviting.

You can combine any or all of these Website Content Administration routines into your Shrewdies WordPress Hosting Plan. If you need more information, pending my formal price lists, please ask in my forum.

Evolving Your Website Content

Evolving website content will improve traffic. It is not an exact science, despite my intense use of specific numbers. To get a balanced website that will succeed and grow, you need a good mix of all the routines. Ultimately, this drives you to produce relevant content. Relevant content attracts the right kind of traffic.

Each webmaster needs their own set of routines. You can mix and match from the list above, to create procedures that suit you. For help in choosing and implementing the best routines to grow your web business, please ask in my webmaster forum.