Evolving Online Business Opportunities

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Evolving Online Business Opportunities continues on from Evolving Website Content.

That description of natural website growth was focused on me. It’s about how I evolve websites, with some pointers for you. This description of evolving online business opportunities is focused on you. It’s about your opportunities for new web businesses, and business growth.

Maybe you have clear ideas about the markets you wish to service. Maybe you need help clarifying your online business ideas. Or, maybe you just want to join a project, and share the rewards of a joint opportunity. You can discuss those options in Shrewdies forum, where I help you decide the best starting point for you.

As this website evolves, I will make your opportunities clearer. My old page about Web Business Opportunities is lackluster and outdated. I want to make your choices clearer. I will revamp that section of my website to clarify your opportunities.

Evolving Online Business Opportunities

New Online Business Opportunities

For those of you with clear ideas about the purpose of your online business, I offer a complete range of website hosting packages. I’m still preparing marketing information for my hosting services. If you want a cost-effective package now, just get in touch. So that I can maintain high quality service, I limit the number of clients I provide hosting services for. Tell me about your plans in the forum, and I will move you up the waiting list when new slots become available.

Part of the marketing package is to improve examples of existing websites. I’ll include those in my Web Business Opportunities guide. These include standalone projects, and shared projects, which brings me to…

Shared Online Business Opportunities

I’m evolving a range of shared online business opportunities. In these shared projects, there are two types of opportunities:

  • You own your own website within a project, working on individual topics that support the market targeted by the group.
  • You share content production and rewards within one or more existing websites

For example, if I choose to bring Shrewdies into the shared project network, your choices would be:

  • Take a subdomain at Shrewdies, e.g. Online-Business-Opportunities. You would produce content about that topic, in all it’s forms, and I would summarize your content here, with links back for more information.
  • Write pages for Shrewdies as ‘guest author’ which include provision for your own revenue generation and/or publicity.

I’m currently in the process of creating more projects that create shared online business opportunities for you. See them evolve with Shrewdies.com Updates Service.

Evolving Online Business Opportunities image
Where would you evolve your online business opportunities? (image courtesy scoology)

Your Evolving Online Business Opportunities

My next project for evolving online business opportunities is all about you. It allows you to own your own branded websites, at zero cost. This is similar to wordpress.com, but with a commercial bias. You can get your own managed WordPress website as an online business, rather than a hobby. Of course, it can still be a great hobby, but one that helps you pay the bills.

That’s my life philosophy packaged for you. Do something you love, then find ways to make money from it without losing enjoyment.

Please ask about evolving your online business opportunities in Shrewdies forum.