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Hi, I’m Keith Taylor, and I own Shrewdies, and other online businesses.

If you need to contact me, I am active daily in many forums or discussion pages. I much prefer to discuss things in public, though I realize that occasionally a private conversation is better. I have listed the ways to contact me below, but first let me look at some of the reasons why you might want to contact me.

Why Contact Keith Taylor?

Complain to Keith Taylor

If you find anything that you are not happy with on any of my websites, please tell me immediately. I would prefer you to contact Keith Taylor privately first, so I can have a chance to fix any issues you have before sharing them with the world.

I’m usually happy to share any of my work in a mutually beneficial way. In most cases, I believe it is best to contact Keith Taylor publicly and describe what you want to reproduce and why. That will give us both a chance to share opinions, whilst letting other interested parties make their own comments. If your project is currently “under wraps,” then please contact Keith Taylor publicly.

Ways To Contact Keith Taylor

Contact Keith Taylor Publicly

A full list of the forums and social network pages that I maintain is coming soon. The most relevant contact page is my Shrewdies Web Business Support Forum.

Contact Keith Taylor Privately

Due to the constant deluge of spam, I no longer use email for new contacts. You have to be on my whitelist for email to get through. You can always contact me privately via my social network accounts, described next. I prefer the Google+ contact method, which you can choose public or private.

Contact Keith Taylor on Google+

Keith Taylor PhotographThis was my preferred contact method for business opportunities. But I’m replacing it with a new Helpdesk.

Contact Keith Taylor on Facebook

This is my preferred contact method for social interaction. You can find more about me on Keith Taylor’s Facebook profile. However, for commercial contacts, please use Shrewdies Facebook page.

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