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Shrewdies Website Project Management

Shrewdies Website Project Management Service helps you plan, create, and improve any aspect of your website.

From project managing your entire online business to organizing tasks such as a website re-launch or hosting move. Shrewdies can help you to start or to grow your online business.

I am not taking more private clients at the moment, but you can get all the help you need with my Website Project Management Service. You stay in control at all times, as I help you control your project.

Why Zero Cost?

I have gone through all the trauma associated with starting and running a successful online business. I am lucky enough to work from home, or anywhere in the world I can get an Internet connection.

My purpose for this website is to help other people, who want to create their own successful online business.

My model for success is to provide information free of charge. My reward is mainly advertising revenue. I also earn small commissions if you buy from trusted companies like Amazon or eBay through links on my website.

My Website Project Management Service is good for me, as it attracts visitors to my website. It is good for you, as you get decades of high quality management experience at zero cost.

Getting Started

Website Project Management iconStarting your project is as simple as asking me for help. You can add a comment to any comment-enabled page, leave a message in Shrewdies Website Support Forum, or contact Keith Taylor.

Please provide as much relevant information, and as little irrelevant information, as you can. However, please do not post personal or other confidential information in public.

Project Flow

I have developed a fast, flexible procedure for managing tasks and simple projects. All my projects start with us mutually agreeing the Project Purpose. Usually you will tell me your Purpose Statement, and I will start a new page where we progress the project through the Rewards step.

I am currently preparing documentation for the complete 7 step project flow. Please subscribe to Shrewdies Update Service if you want email when I publish that documentation.

Confidential Project Information

I operate all my free support in public. This gives you an excellent opportunity to attract free advice from other Shrewdies visitors, as well as myself. You should never post personal information such as email address, telephone number or website address, unless as a part of a paid advert.

Occasionally, for the sake of the project, I might need confidential information to give you my best help. If this is necessary, I promise I will never divulge it to anyone without your express instructions. Furthermore, as soon as the information is no longer needed, I will delete it from my computer systems and archives.

I prefer to receive information by you sharing it in Google Docs. If this is not possible, you can also share in DropBox, or send bu email. Whichever method you use for sharing, please make a public comment in the discussion area so I know to look for your information. I receive thousands of unsolicited emails, and without your public notification, I will probably never see your private message.

Live Website Projects

I am not currently managing any live website projects. You can start a new project on several pages including:

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