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Web Business Prices

Cost control is vital to your online business. My web business prices are based on the principle that a website should earn more than it costs. Prices depend on the scope of your online business, and whether you want to do some of the work yourself. Ideally, I believe that the website costs for most online businesses should be around 1% to 5% of the revenue that the website generates.

I can help you budget your business web site costs, but only you can put a value on your time. Throughout Shrewdies, you will see examples of services that I offer. Usually, you have a choice between doing a task yourself, following my guidelines, or paying me to do it. Please get a clear idea of how much your time is worth to you, then you can make that simple decision whenever a task needs doing.

If you follow all the guidelines for creating and running your online business, you can list all the tasks that you need to do. Then decide a budget to pay me, or someone else. You are always in control, but never alone. Most web business providers are happy to take your money for their online business package, but they never help you prepare or improve. I will help you every step of the way. If you want to do it yourself, I’m inspired by your resolve. If you want to pay me, that’s fine, too.

Some tasks are beyond the scope of running a successful online business. I can help you source suppliers for these, and I provide my own services where it makes business sense.

Essential Web Business Prices

There are some essential services that almost every online business needs. If you have no budget, or your expected rewards do not justify these costs, I have alternatives, so see my zero-cost guidelines for details.

Web Business Domain Prices

There is no point in becoming a domain registrar, so buy a domain. I review the best ways to get a domain. I even offer domain sharing so you can test your web business ideas before committing any funds to your own domain.

Detailed price list is coming soon.

Web Business Hosting Prices

Shrewdies offer you low prices for fast WordPress hosting. My entry-level offer is self-managed for your ultimate flexibility. Get the best WordPress hosting deal for your online business.

Web Business Package Prices

My preference is to create a package that lets you focus on running your online business, whilst I make sure your website is running the best it can. Please contact Keith Taylor to discuss your needs.

Zero-Cost Web Business Prices

If you do not want to risk resources on projects that might fail, I have a choice of services to get you stared at zero-cost. That allows you to test your ideas, and generate revenue that can provide your own website if it is justified.

Detailed service list is coming soon.

Web Business Prices: Next Steps

As you can see, you’ve caught this page when it is under construction. That is because the old version is out-of-date, and the new one is going to take a little time to reorganize. My current priorities are to focus on improving my free website help and support services. I figure that, if you need to spend money with me, you will soon contact me to see how I can save you money. I will announce the new price and service lists soon, so please subscribe to my online business update service by completing the form at the foot of the page.

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