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I started my online business career with health sites. Here are some opportunities for you to get involved. If you want your own health website then I can help with that too.

Shrewdies Health Sites

GoutPal provides comprehensive guidelines on all aspects of gout. For personal support, I also provide GoutPal Interactive.
Foodary is working towards providing healthy recipes that recognize your favorite foods and your health issues. It is currently focused on alkaline foods for basic healthy eating. I am extending that to provide more complete nutrition data and adding diet aspects of various morbidities. Eventually I will provide healthy recipes and eating plans based on personal requirements.
QOL provides information about Quality Of Life, with focus on spiritual health. I have put this project on hold, as I do not currently have time.

Shrewdies Health Site Opportunities

If you have expertise in any of the subjects I cover in my health sites, and you would like to write a guest article, then please contact me. Content must be unique to my site, so please do not submit anything that appears elsewhere on the Internet. In return, you get an Author page that you can link to your personal Google+ profile. You also get up to 2 links at the end of your article.

If you have an interest in the subjects, but no authoring expertise, I am happy to edit articles so that they reflect your ideas. In that case, I would seek your approval before publishing anything in your name.

If you sell health products that would interest my readership, then I am happy to promote them. I do not currently have formal advertising and sponsorship guidelines. If you let me know what you would like to do, I’m sure we can reach a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Your Health Site

Health Web Site IconAt the technical level, creating a health site is no different than any other website. But at the management level, there are certain important factors you need to be aware of.

Though health conditions have symptoms and treatment that apply to most people, there is almost always a personal aspect. In my view, giving visitors the opportunity to get personal answers and explanations is important. A good forum is usually essential, or you can take this a step further, and provide personal advice services.

To start with, you could use social networks to provide personal support for your health site. This has three advantages:

  • Access to millions of existing users
  • Easy partnering with other health support providers
  • Basic anti-spam built in at no cost to you

You can see how this works using the comment boxes below. Please use them to tell me what you think about web business opportunities in health sites.

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