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Google have moved their Country filter for search results from Basic Settings to Advanced Settings.

This seems like a harmless change, but it makes searching more difficult for anyone who wants to restrict search results to a specific country. Though my web business is global, and mainly targets the good ol’ US of A, I am based in the United Kingdom. Therefore, this change probably helps me personally, but it makes life harder for my fellow Brits.

Now, UK searchers have to select the country selection every time they search, which is frustrating, especially for masterluke at giffgaff:

Does anyone else find it annoying that by default Google *UK* includes American search results? It never used to. It drove me up the wall the other day when I was looking up recipes, the Americans still use the old imperial system and measurements in volume, cupsfuls etc and weight in oz’s, fluid oz’s, and quarts (quarter of what?) which means nothing to me. How much is a cup exactly? 😕 What a load of nonsense. Is there an alternative which is UK specific without more mouse clicks having to click UK results *afterwards* like in Google?

Here’s your alternative, masterluke:

UK Specific Search Engine

UK Specific Search Engine

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