Shrewdies Update Service

Everyone has different ways they prefer to get information. Some people bookmark websites that they visit regularly. Others maintain their own feed reader to pull updates from their favorite websites.

Please feel free to do either, or both of those, but also consider a third option: updates delivered to your email inbox. If you are interested in that, please enter your email address in the Stay Informed form on the right, or near the foot of each page. If you want to know more, please read on.

How Shrewdies Update Service Works

I use Google’s FeedBurner service to deliver my website updates to your inbox. Google monitors my website and sends you a full version of every new page. If I post more than one per day, you only get one daily email that includes all my posts for that day.

When you complete the subscription form, Google sends a confirmation email. You will not start receiving updates until you confirm your interest by clicking the link in that email. If you do not see it, either it is in your spam folder or you mistyped your email address.

Apart from the initial confirmation email, Google will not send additional emails to you. You can use any email address you like, and you do not need a Google account.

At the end of every email is an unsubscribe link. You can cancel your subscription any time you choose.

Why Shrewdies Update Service is Safe

Google is a trusted email service provider, and they will not reveal your email address to anyone else. Similarly, I will never share your email address, or use it to contact you other than to send updates. I do not contact subscribers individually. If I want to contact you for any reason, I will post an update on this website, that you will receive automatically. If you want to contact me, please see Keith Taylor’s contact page.

As I said earlier, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the end of each email. If your email address is lost or compromised, I can remove you from the list. If you change email address, simply unsubscribe from your old address, then subscribe again with your new email address.

Please subscribe to Updates Service today.

Your email address is safe. I will never share it.

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