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Shrewdies Online Business is a collection of websites and related services owned and run by Keith Taylor. This part of Shrewdies is about all Shrewdies online businesses. For information about this specific website, Shrewdies.com, please see Shrewdies online business support.

All Keith Taylor’s online business websites are based on generating advertising revenue by publishing high quality information. Many are also supported by affiliate sales commission. The emphasis is on providing well-researched, factual information on a given subject, with support services to help visitors apply general guidelines to their personal circumstances.

Shrewdies online business websites cover several subjects of interest to Keith Taylor. Some are very active, and growing (online businesses). Others are waiting in the background to be developed as time allows (website startups). Keith Taylor is open to offers to buy any startup, or develop them in partnership.

These pages about Shrewdies Online Business describe the overall organization of Keith Taylor’s services with appropriate legal and administrative information. Where possible, Shrewdies online businesses and Shrewdies website startups adopt common policies and similar working practices.

Shrewdies Online Business Purpose

Keith Taylor says:

I started developing online businesses as a hobby to see if it was feasible to provide a full-time income. I applied my own knowledge and experience, and I researched accurate, reliable information. I developed trustworthy information sources and support services in health, education and entertainment markets. Having proved the concept, I am now developing Shrewdies as an online business support center. I provide the information in this section so that you can judge the quality of my websites, and be assured that the techniques I promote are real-life procedures that work.

I am not perfect, but I am honest and open. If you see anything that concerns you, excites you, or irritates you, please discuss it publicly or privately at Keith Taylor on Google+.

Shrewdies Online Business Organization

Shrewdies Websites

About Business Web Site iconShrewdies online businesses cover the following market sectors:

Business Websites
Shrewdies, Freeche, Freedly, 1drous.me
Education Websites
Previous education clients websites may contain content from Keith Taylor
Entertainment Websites
4 current clients covering film, music, dance, etc.
Health Websites
GoutPal, Foodary
Online Business Websites
Shrewdies, PROSPRA
Retail Websites
1 client and 1 startup

This list will be completed soon with startup websites and more details. See the story of current websites and list of past and present websites in Keith Taylor’s Internet Profile.

Shrewdies Support Services

This is a list of services provided by Shrewdies that cover all Keith Taylor’s websites.

Group Support
GoutPal Interactive, Foodary Healthy Eating, Make a Website
Update Services
Every active site , and some website startups have update services where new content is automatically delivered by email. These services are run by FeedBurner.
Personal Support
Personal support services are provided to clients by email, telephone, and in person. Keith Taylor is developing interactive support services for online clients. If you want some free personal help, contact Keith Taylor, to be a guinea pig in the development process.

For services that are specifically for this website, please see Shrewdies Online Business Support

Shrewdies Online Business Legal & Admin Pages

Keith Taylor’s websites include all operations policy statements that you would expect from any trustworthy website. General policies for all Keith Taylor’s websites are here, and individual websites may have additional policies.

Contact Keith Taylor
If you need to contact Keith Taylor, this page describes how to do it. Don’t let your message get lost. See how to contact Keith Taylor quickly and effectively.
Keith Taylor Privacy Policy
Keith Taylor privacy policy tells how I use your personal and non-personal information at any Shrewdies website. Get your privacy policy from Shrewdies today.
Keith Taylor Advertising Policy
Keith Taylor Advertising Policy explains how I use advertising on my websites. Visitors can learn how I fund free information and support services. Advertisers can check the rate card for great value.
Complaints Procedure

If you to know more about Shrewdies Online Businesses, please ask in the How to Make a Website, or contact Keith Taylor directly.

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