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Shrewdies Online Business Support services help you make a success of your websites and online business.

You get expert guidance for all aspects of running online businesses. I support my general guidelines with personal help for your unique circumstances in two ways:

  • Free group support in open forums and the chatroom
  • Paid personal support by email, remote computer operation, video links, telephone, and personal consultation

My online business support services help with all aspects of running websites and running online businesses. You choose when and how you get my help.

I realize that many online business owners want to devote maximum time to growing their business and cultivating customers. Therefore I can provide some or all of the required management, publishing, and promotion procedures under a commercial service contract. Where I provide such services, I am always keen to supply them at a cost far lower than the value you gain. I want your web business to be a revenue stream, not a cost center.

To prove my methods work, all Keith Taylor’s websites operate under the Shrewdies umbrella. You can see details of those websites in Shrewdies Online Business pages. You can judge how my procedures work in practice, and adopt or adapt them as you please. My online businesses make money for me, and I want you to feel confident that you can do the same for yourself.

You are always in control. You can simply follow my guidelines, seek group support, or pay me for services you do not want to do yourself. Any way you choose, you can build your own web business.

Find out more about using Shrewdies Online Business Support in the pages listed below.

Shrewdies Online Business Support Services

Find Web Business Facts
You need web business facts to develop your website. Shrewdies covers all aspects of creating and improving websites. Find website facts to help your business.
Shrewdies Update Service
Stay informed about managing online businesses and websites. The Internet changes daily, affecting your website. Keep up with the latest website news today.
Shrewdies Website Project Management
Overwhelmed by website project management? You need the help of an experienced expert. A unique zero cost service for you. Get website management help now.

Shrewdies Online Business Client Services

Web Business Opportunities
Are you looking for web business opportunities? Shrewdies can provide you with hosting, development, management, and promotion services. Grow your website now.
Web Business Prices
Do web business prices spoil your profit? Shrewdies websites are tailored to your business. They are costed to improve your bottom line. Get website success.

All services operate under the general policies and conditions listed in Shrewdies Online Business. Those policies and conditions cover all websites operated by Keith Taylor. If additional policies apply, I will list them here.

Discuss any aspects of Shrewdies Online Business Support in Shrewdies Website Support Group.

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