Shrewd Definition

Shrewd Definition Introduction

I’m frequently asked for a shrewd definition of this web business name.

Definitions of words for business use often differ from wider contexts, and the definition of shrewd certainly does this.

In business, shrewdness is a virtue. An aspiration for the would-be successful web business owner.

In a wider context the shrewd label implies a level of cunning and artifice that is unwanted and disaffecting.

What does this mean to the Internet business owner who hates all things for dummies?

There is no escaping the fact that books for dummies are very successful, but most people hate the label. Certainly, in business, being dumb has no value, though acting dumb can have, The clever implication of the Dummies books is that the reader might have felt dumb, but learning from the book negates the dumbness.

Well learning from the ‘net is smarter. And learning about web business from this site is just about the smartest thing you can do. That is why dummies have no place here – we have to be Shrewdies, even if aspiration is higher than achievement.

It’s interesting to see how shrewd is defined and perceived in different contexts. To clarify my position I’d like to look at a few definitions collected together at

Negative Shrewd Definitions

The word shrewd is rooted in Middle English meaning wicked, coming from the shrew – a rascal. Many words in common use have meanings totally different from their original meanings. Shrewd, on balance, is a much more positive word, as you will see below, yet some negative definitions prevail:

  • Disposed to artful and cunning practices; tricky.
  • Artful and crafty.
  • Spiteful (obsolete)
  • The most calculating and selfish men in the community
  • Scheming, conniving, dispassionate.
  • Sly

Positive Shrewd Definitions

But here at Shrewdies, we’ve little time for the negatives. The positive shrewd definitions far outweigh them, and define what we stand for:

  • Characterized by keen awareness, sharp intelligence, and often a sense of the practical.
  • Sagacious, astute, perspicacious.
  • Sound judgment, and often resourcefulness.
  • Sharp intelligence, hardheadedness, and often an intuitive grasp of practical considerations.
  • Prudence, discernment, and farsightedness.
  • Penetration and clear-sightedness.
  • Astute and penetrating, often with regard to business.
  • Sharp, smart.
  • Clever, knowing, intelligent, discriminating, discerning, perceptive, far-seeing.
  • Showing good judgment; wise,

So there we have it. Don’t be a dummy. Apply the positive connotations of our shrewd definition to all you do, and together we’ll build strong, successful web businesses.

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