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About Shrewdies Business Web Site

This is a business web site that helps you build a web business.

We are lucky that freely available tools allow us to build websites with few technical skills.

You might build a website with few technical skills, but you will not build an online business without a few simple business management skills.

This site will give you all the business management information you need to create a successful web business, or fix a broken one. Web businesses break because the foundations are missing. With shrewd foundations the process of success is a simple one.

I guide you through the stages you need to create a business website. I provide a forum where you can ask questions and share opinions and experience. All you need to do is methodically apply the processes to your own interests and imagination.

 Existing Site Owners

The starting point does not mean your work so far is wasted. My procedures allow you to keep the most suitable aspects of your business web site. For the elements that do not fit, you can scrap them, or move them to a second, properly planned, web business.

There has to be a starting point.

Even if you have already created a web business, if it is not meeting your expectations, you have to get to the starting point.

That starting point is purpose.

Without purpose, you can only succeed by chance. With purpose, and my methods, you simply cannot fail.

Purpose Of Shrewdies

My Purpose Statement for Shrewdies is:

Provide online business builders a safe place to define, explore, refine, and apply their business purpose. Thus, empowering them to build a successful enterprise that appreciates in value, as they appreciate the fulfillment of their goals and ambitions.

Aimed especially at budding online business owners with limited resources, but here to help any website owner find, or fix, then fulfill, their purpose.

To achieve that purpose, I provide guidelines on all aspects of starting and managing online businesses. I provide pointers to support services where you can get free group support. I also provide pointers to private personal support where you pay me to as much of the work as you require.

So that you can see real outcomes, I use my working websites to prove that what I suggest will actually work in the real world. Part of this About Shrewdies section includes introductions to my online business websites. This proves that the techniques and procedures that I recommend work, and it gives you a chance to see them in action.

Business Web Site Organization

I am reorganizing these pages that tell you about Shrewdies into two sections:

Shrewdies Online Business
Describes the organization of all Keith Taylor’s websites. Includes descriptions of working online businesses and website startups. Also includes general legal and admin pages that cover all Keith Taylor’s websites
Shrewdies Online Business Support
Describes the organization of this website, and associated website support service, including Shrewdies website support forum. Also includes specific legal and admin clauses that affect this website.

I will be moving the following pages into those two sections, as time allows:

Find Web Business Facts
You need web business facts to develop your website. Shrewdies covers all aspects of creating and improving websites. Find website facts to help your business.

I have also added a UK Specific Search Engine. This is a general-purpose tool for easily find United Kingdom resources. It is not restricted to Shrewdies. Contact me if you need other Search Engines.

Contact Keith Taylor
If you need to contact Keith Taylor, this page describes how to do it. Don’t let your message get lost. See how to contact Keith Taylor quickly and effectively.
Web Business Opportunities
Are you looking for web business opportunities? Shrewdies can provide you with hosting, development, management, and promotion services. Grow your website now.
Web Business Prices
Do web business prices spoil your profit? Shrewdies websites are tailored to your business. They are costed to improve your bottom line. Get website success.
Shrewdies Update Service
Stay informed about managing online businesses and websites. The Internet changes daily, affecting your website. Keep up with the latest website news today.