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Purpose of

Currently, has 2 purposes:

1) Shrewd Learning Services Documentation

I provide several resources and other support services that help people learn online. So I use to provide documentation for those services. Then you learn to use my learning services more effectively. More importantly, you can adapt most Shrewd Learning Services to provide your own coaching, teaching, or mentoring services.

2) New Shrewd Learning Subjects

My current subjects are:
  • This learning website.
  • GoutPal for gout topics.
  • Foodary and related sites for food topics

However, I intend to collaborate with learners to cover as many subjects as we are interested in. So I will start with articles about other topics here. Then add articles until I have 50 that represent an interesting subject. At which time, I will consider if that subject deserves a separate website.

Purpose Statement for

The purpose of is to explain Shrewd Learning Services and to evolve new Shrewd Learning Subjects. Purpose Purpose

Your Purpose for

I've explained why exists. And how you can use it to learn online more effectively. So now it's time for you to think carefully about why you are here.

For example, you might just want to find out more about Or you might want to start your learning project right now.

In the first case, continue to browse these 'About' pages. Then browse facts, examples, and articles. Starting from the Home Page. Or search for topics that interest you using links at the top and bottom of every page.

In the second case, start a project now by writing down why you want to learn about your chosen topic. And what you hope to achieve. Then join the Notification service. So you'll get a message when my learning project guidelines are available.

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Purpose of Feedback

Your feedback helps me prioritize adding more articles. In particular, I'd love to know if you want extra "Website Admin" articles. But I also need to know about anything you would change to make this page more useful. So please share your thoughts about improving this page. Or discuss your website purpose concerns with other learners. Also, you can add comments below using my GitHub-based ShrewdChat service.

If you are asking a question, it's best to:

  1. Search for that question in Shrewdies Search Engine first.
  2. Choose the most relevant result.
  3. Refer to that result as you ask your question.