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This section of the website is not directly about Online Learning. Because these are "Website Admin" pages. So they explain what is. Also, how you can use this website in the best way.


I started Shrewdies as a learning support project. In the days when `Books for Dummies` was a popular learning brand. But I believe that anyone who wants to learn anything is shrewd, not dumb. Hence, my project is `for Shrewdies, not for Dummies`.

I continue to develop my learning resources. So now, during 2022, I'm republishing this website to provide:

  • Documentation for Shrewd Learning Services.
  • New Shrewd Learning Subjects

Details About

Other pages that explain more about are:
The purpose of is to explain Shrewd Learning Services and to evolve new Shrewd Learning Subjects.
How to Contact Keith Taylor at Please use Keith Taylor's Contact Details if you need to get in touch with me about Shrewd Learning, or any aspect of Online Learning.
For details of information I keep about you, see Privacy Policy. The Keith Taylor Privacy Policy applies to
Terms and conditions for doing business with The Keith Taylor T&Cs apply to
How to get email notification about new articles on Currently, I'm reorganizing my notification services. So follow my progress at Internet Help Stories Notifications.
How to find quick answers about Online Learning at using Shrewdies Search Engine.

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About Feedback

Your feedback helps me prioritize adding more articles. In particular, I'd love to know if you want extra "Website Admin" articles. But I also need to know about anything you would change to make this page more useful. So please share your thoughts about improving this page. Or discuss your concerns about this website with other learners. Also, you can add comments below using my GitHub-based ShrewdChat service.

If you are asking a question, it's best to:

  1. Search for that question in Shrewdies Search Engine first.
  2. Choose the most relevant result.
  3. Refer to that result as you ask your question.