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The Website Traffic guidelines help you improve the number and quality of visitors to your online business.

This raises lots of questions about recognizing the value of your current traffic, and about the type of visitor you should be targeting. Before I explain that, let’s look at what you must do before you start trying to improve.

You must have an online business plan that explains what you Intend to do. You must also have Installed WordPress and published at least 50 pages. There are refinements to these, so I recommend that you read How to start an Online Business and Install WordPress before you try to improve your online business.

If you have opted for the planned approach, there are specific tasks you should be performing regularly to monitor your actual traffic against what you planned. If you opted for the organic approach, there are tasks that help you find and exploit new opportunities. Most of the organic website traffic building techniques will also help web businesses that are following a structured plan.

Website Traffic Guidelines

You have read the guidelines for the previous two phases haven’t you? (Intend, Install, before Improve)

Then you will realize that these guidelines are growing organically. As time allows, I will add new guidelines here for improving website traffic. I often add guidelines in response to challenges on my own websites, but I’m particularly keen to help you improve your website traffic now.

You can get help from the Increase Website Traffic blog, or ask in the How to make a website forum.