How do you Intend to Start your Website?

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When you start to plan a website, you must start with yourself.

Your website content should reflect your personality. Your website plans should reflect your ambitions.

As I frequently say, you do not necessarily need detailed plans to start a website, but you must have clear intentions. There is a wide spectrum of approaches. One approach is to target a competitor. Do keyword research in their market, but make your content better. Another approach is to start with what you know, or what you want to learn, and see where that takes you.

There is no right or wrong way, as long as you know what you intend to do.

The purpose of my example websites is to give you ideas, stir your imagination, and guide you towards choosing a direction that is right for you. You can go it alone, and plan your own Intend – Install – Improve cycle. You can pay me, or someone else to develop your plan. Or you can call for help on certain issues.

With the Shrewdies way to website success, you are in control.

The most important aspect of my personal website support services is that I need to know about you. Once my example websites have given you ideas about the type of website you want, I can quote you prices for helping you develop your plans, installing your website, and helping you manage website traffic growth. You are under no obligation, and I will treat any information you provide in the strictest confidence.

Soon, I will introduce a form for you to complete that will tell me how I can help you. Prior to that form being available, you can discuss your needs in Shrewdies website support forum. Private discussions are available in that forum, as you choose who sees your posts.

Better still, you can discuss your needs in the comments at the end of this article.

Here are some of the important questions I need you to answer about your intended, or existing, website:

What are your Website Intentions?

What are Shrewd Website Goals Photograph
What are Shrewd Website Goals?
What is my purpose?
In as much detail as you like, describe what you want to do with your website, and why. Please mention any significant resources or constraints that will affect your website.
Do I like planning?
Some people like to plan each page before they write it, and know where it will fit in the structure of the website. Others want to publish content as quickly as possible, and worry about structure later. Where do you fit?
Do I want to publish?
Most people who are considering a website want to learn some publishing skills. This is basically a form of word processing. Others would rather pay someone to publish their content. How much time or money do you want to spend each day/week/month on page publishing?
Do I want to promote?
Website promotion takes many forms, from social and other networking, to paying for adverts on other websites or search results. How much time or money do you want to spend each day/week/month on page publishing?
Do I need a website?
If your market is limited, and your budget is small, you can often achieve much more with social networks such as Google+ and Facebook, compared to running your own website. What is your budget for your website? How much revenue, if any, do you expect per month/year?
How will I talk to visitors?
If you are providing support, you need to create discussions. If you are selling your products and services, or recommending products for commission, pre-sales discussion will boost your conversion rates. There are choices from a simple commenting system to a full blown forum. How important is discussion to your website, and how much time can you spend moderating those discussions?
What type of theme do I want?
What are the key features of the look and feel of your website? Think about color, navigation, page layout, pop-up images, copyright protection. It is always good to start from an existing website that you like, then list the changes that are important to you.

Think about these questions, then tell me what you want in Shrewdies Make a Website Group, or Shrewdies Website Help Chatroom.. You’ll soon have your website running the Shrewdies way.

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